Combatting my Homesickness

Combatting Homesickness

7 Ways to Combat Homesickness

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New Episode of Study Abroad Diaries: Homesickness with Mutia
Sophie Bartholomew Sophie Bartholomew

Homesickness: noun: a feeling of longing for one’s home during a period of absence from it.

Studying abroad can be a mixture of emotions especially if the homesickness starts to kick in. So I’ve complied 7 ways to help ease the sadness and kick the homesickness for good.

1. Call and message your friends and family 

Even though it may sound counter productive because calling someone may make you feel even more homesick than before, I think keeping up to date on what your friends and family are up can keep you feeling in the loop and up to date 

2.  Try talking to someone new 

Study abroad is the best time to try and speak to new people and hopefully make some new friends. People who choose to study abroad tend to be outgoing, so it’s the perfect time to speak to people from around the world. You never know you might meet your new best friend. 

A Girl sad with homesickness
The feeling of homesickness

3. Stay active 

It is no secret that the exercise releases Endorphine which is the feel good hormone, making it the perfect pick me up when you are feeling a little blue. So why not try and go for a walk next time you feel a little homesick

4. Make it feel like home

When your room feels a little like a hotel room, it can feel very temporary. However, in these moments it is important to personalise your space. I recommend hanging up some fairy lights for that cosy lighting or putting up some pictures and as soon as you know it, it’ll be like a second home. 

5.  Explore your new surroundings 

Feeling isolated and homesick stuck in a room is never a good feeling so why not try and get out and explore your new home. Personally I love to try new cafes or restaurants

6. Do things that bring you joy

It is always important to make time for your self and do things that make you happy, this is doubly important when you fee homesick. My favourite things to do are: watch one of my favourite movies or an episode of my comfort TV shows, doodling or even cooking a comfort dish. Remember you want to feel at home so out some comfy clothes on, make the lighting all cosy and sit and enjoy.

7. Put Yourself First 

While pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t wanna do.  This is your time and this is your experience. So make sure you save some time for yourself . You can only push your self outside your comfort zone when you feel energised and ready to do it.


Sophie Bartholomew

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