Musicians find new ways to entertain during quarantine

Avatar Sarah Butler

During these times of quarantine and COVID 19 each day can bleed into the next. It’s not often we get to mark our calendars with […]

Advanced Factories muestra más de 670 innovaciones industriales

Elia Marcos García Elia Marcos García
Avatar Sarah Butler

Los amantes de la innovación industrial se reunieron en el evento Advanced Factories, entre los días 3 y 5 de marzo en el Centre de […]

Number of Antarctic penguins has dropped drastically in the last 50 years

Pol Masnou Vintró Pol Masnou Vintró
Avatar Sarah Butler

Greenpeace has conducted a study ¨Pole to Pole¨ revealing that certain species of penguins have decreased up to 75%. A census taken 50 years ago […]