Student entrepreneur Wout Van Steenwinkel: «I might get rich and move to the Maledives»

A picture of student entrepreneur Wout Van Steenwinkel
Student entrepreneur Wout Van Steenwinkel
Britt Bevers Britt Bevers

He is an adventurous Media and Entertainment Business student who likes a bit of craziness, loves to travel around the world and currently very busy starting his own Interactive storytelling company. I talked to Wout Van Steenwinkel, CMO of Interteller, about being a student entrepreneur.

Why do you think it’s necessary to be a student entrepreneur?

Necessary is a big word, but being a student entrepreneur gives you a lot of advantages. One of them is that you might adapt quicker to market changes because you’re less stuck in old-fashioned ideas. It means that you have a clear and innovative look on the market.

What kind of advantages do you have as a student entrepreneur?

Well, I learned a lot of useful knowledge about start-ups in the last few years of college. It’s still fresh on my mind right now, so this might give me an advantage.

What kind of effect has this new copyright law on your business?

We haven’t really heard about it yet. Thanks to a quick search on Google I found out what it includes. At first sight, I don’t think it will affect us a lot, because we’re going to create all of our visuals ourselves. Anyways, I’m going to do some more research about this new law, just to be sure.

«If I fail as a student entrepreneur, I’ll be broke and I might start living under a bridge»

Do you have some tips for other students that also want to become student-entrepreneurs?

One of the most important conditions for your start-up is a good working team. Some people say it’s even more important than your business idea because your team is responsible for the execution of the idea. Solo entrepreneurship is possible, but though and more receptive for failure. And when you decide to build a start-up with co-founders, it’s really important to pick people who complement each other. Thanks to an all-round skill set, you will be able to get a lot of work done without relying on costly third parties.

A picture of the Interteller team
The Interteller team


How will this project affect your future?

If I fail as a student entrepeneur, I’ll be broke and I might start living under a bridge. Otherwise, I might get rich and move to the Maledives. For real now. No matter how it turns out it will affect my personality and make me stronger for other projects in the future.

Britt Bevers

Hi I'm Britt a Media and Entertainment business student from Belgium. Currently I'm doing an Erasmus exchange at UAO in journalism and business. In my free time you can always find me behind my camera, taking pictures or making videos.