Goodbye to masks

The government has announced that they will no longer be mandatory indoors from April 20

Official vote on the elimination of masks indoors
Avatar Marc Rodriguez Monge

Masks out. The countdown to the end of indoor masks begins. The Spanish Government will eliminate them after Easter. Specifically, it will do so in the Council of Ministers on April 19 and the measure will enter into force when it is published in the BOE, probably the following day. According to the plans of the Executive, this protection will be withdrawn in schools, in commerce or in the hotel industry. It will only continue to be mandatory in health centers, nursing homes and public transport.

So, for the first time after two years, masks are no longer mandatory. This decision with the covid still present makes me doubt the efficiency that these had. They were really useful, did they serve any purpose or was it an excuse for the rulers to deceive the population?

Let’s go in order. Firstly, they said that with the mask you were already safe, that there was no danger. Then they said that some masks were worth it and others were not. That the useful ones were the specialized ones, the KN95. Later they said that with ventilation you could be without them. So many opinions and so little effect… the ICUs were still full of patients, the virus was spreading at a high speed and the masks had no effect.
Now, in a week they are gone, they are no longer useful. What happens, that in March they were essential and in April they are useless? Please, a little of seriousness and consistency. It’s important to live normally and that covid-19 doesn’t take away your sleep.

What did the orld Health Organization say?

“The use of masks is part of a comprehensive set of prevention and control measures that can limit the spread of certain respiratory diseases caused by viruses but it doesn’t guarantee anything“.               Not even the largest health organization can guarantee the effectiveness of masks. They have been a way of trying to cover up the problem. The government representatives have told the people, with this you will be safe. They have withheld information from us and taken us for fools. Luckily this is over and with Easter finally the masks are out.

Marc Rodriguez Monge

Estudiante de peiodismo