Mental health

«Be satisfied with the fifth-best solution!»

Carlotta Smok Carlotta Smok

How the pandemic affects our mental health and how we can deal with it


Mayte Márquez: «El propósito empresarial es la clave para afrontar la pandemia»

Lara Diaz Ardiaca Lara Diaz Ardiaca

Esta consultora andaluza ha aprovechado la crisis sanitaria para crecer profesionalmente

A shift in fashion

How a global pandemic changed fashion

Louise Koninckx Louise Koninckx

Is there a new roaring 20s on the horizon?

Efectos de la pandemia

Que el Covid-19 no te quite el sueño

Lara Ballesteros Lara Ballesteros
Avatar Helena  González Miranda

La crisis del coronavirus ha provocado un incremento de los casos de insomnio entre los jóvenes


A guide for the vaccination jungle

Carlotta Smok Carlotta Smok

Which one does what?

Exchange students

Covid-19 signs up for an exchange semester in Abat Oliba

Lara Ballesteros Lara Ballesteros
Carlotta Smok Carlotta Smok

The pandemic of coronavirus has changed the paradigm of the Erasmus students' classes at the university in Barcelona

How to Help Canines Amidst COVID-19

Deirdre Heavey Deirdre Heavey

Canines Abandoned in Wuhan, China Chris Buckley reported for the New York Times of abandoned canine salons and little dogs wandering the streets of Wuhan, […]

Lockdown in a foreign country

Anne Sophie Feil Anne Sophie Feil

For the international students of the University Abat Oliba (UAO) in Barcelona, the Spanish lockdown due to coronavirus came completely unexpected. As universities had to […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Deirdre Heavey Deirdre Heavey

The coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, has canceled graduations, postponed weddings, and upset travel plans as governments around the world have worked to flatten the […]