Health risks of cannabis

“It’s really a problem for young brains” – What Cannabis can do to you

Podcast with Prof. Dr. Rolke, Neurologist

Anna Rolke Anna Rolke

This April on the 13th, Europe’s largest illegal cannabis plantation ever was found in Spain. This discovery is just the tip of the iceberg in the discussion about the banning or decriminalizing of cannabis in Spain, but also in other European countries.

However, what risks consumption can have, are often unknown to especially young people. Trough an interview with Prof. Dr. Rolke, a specialist on the risks and health benefits of cannabis, this Article would like to address the question of what damage the use of cannabis can cause, especially in young people.


On the 13th of April, the Spanish police have found a large cannabis plantation with a total of 415,000 plants in the north of Spain. Some of the plants were already ready for shipment to be taken abroad, the statement said, but the larger part was still on the fields covering a total of 67 hectares. All plants were destroyed. When dried, the plants would have had a black market value of 30 million euros.


Podcast with Prof. Dr. Rolke, Neurologist.

However, this discovery not only raises questions for the government. It also makes health researchers sit up and take notice.

Prof. Rolke is Chair and Director of the Department of Palliative Medicine, RWTH Aachen University. His fields of interest range between pain and translational research in Palliative Care (PC) and Neurology, stem cell reprogramming in small fiber neuropathy or the national pandemic PC strategy in Germany.

He is also a leading specialist in medicinal cannabinoids. While he’s a strong advocate of cannabis-based medical use, here on the podcast he talks about the risks that non-medical, recreational cannabis use can pose, especially for young people.