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A delicious ‘Eras Tour’ in Barcelona for Taylor Swift’s fans

Lilo Brunch & Speciality Coffee is a special place that provides food and drinks inspired in Taylor Swift for you to enjoy it.

lilo coffee
This Lilo Brunch & Specialty Coffee is located in Barcelona in Carrer de la Diputació. Source: Constança Veloso
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For those who couldn’t buy tickets to the concert of Taylor Swift, don’t worry, you can still feel close to her at this coffee. In Lilo Brunch & Speciality Coffee it is possible to have a special gastronomic experience. This space offers, to Taylor Swift’s fans various products related with hers albums and musics.

During her tour around the world, in May she is visiting several European cities, including, Spain. Knowing her immense popularity, Lilo decided to create an entire menu. It’s only available on this month, with 14 products inspired by her albums throughout the decades.

Lilo’s History

Café Lilo Brunch & Specialty Coffee is a small network of two cafés in Barcelona and one in Madrid. Since its opening in 2019, Café Lilo has gained a reputation as a popular brunch destination, attracting both locals and tourists in search of an authentic culinary experience. Its philosophy is based on the quality of ingredients, culinary creativity, welcoming atmosphere and a union spirit. With unique decor and the famous bear that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic to promote closeness. Lilo Coffee offers a variety of brunch, lunch, and snack options.

 “We knew that Taylor Swift was coming and thought it was a good idea, so why not create that?”

In a conversation with the coffee’s founder, Gaby, she told that they are always looking for creative ways to connect with their customers and offer unique experiences. Both the social media manager, Ester, and Gabriela are fans of Taylor Swift. They received a proposal from the founder of the fan club “Swiftie Club,” Michelle Barroeta, to make a special menu inspired by the different albums featured on the “Eras Tour.” After that they put their hands-on work and create the famous all eras menu.

With the partnership between the Swifties Club, responsible for the creativity in designs and product names, and Café Lilo, where Gabriela led the organization, communication, and promotion of the menu, you can enjoy an exclusive experience throughout the month of May.

The Eras Tour Menu

The special menu at Café Lilo features a selection of dishes carefully crafted to reflect the spirit and essence of Taylor Swift’s music. Some of the highlights, and my choice, include:

Enchanted Latte –“A purple latte with a touch of ube powder, inspired by Taylor Swift’s album ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)’. Immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience that captures the magic and emotion of ‘Speak Now’.”

Gold Rush Brownie “Brownie Gold Rush, inspired by Taylor Swift’s album ‘Evermore’. Every bite is a golden adventure, reflecting the quest for emotional treasures that characterizes the songs of the album. Dive into its rich flavor as you explore the depths of love and hope.”

Taylor Swift
The enchanted latte inspired in the “Speak Now” album and the Gold Rush Brownie inspired in “Evermore” album. Source: Constança Veloso

Furthermore, there are 12 more exclusive products, since mimosas, lemonades, toast to lattes, matchas and cakes, inspired by the singer’s remaining albums:

Taylor SwiftIn this infographic you can see all the products and the respective albums. Source: Constança Veloso

These creative dishes not only pay homage to Taylor Swift’s songs and albums but also provide a memorable culinary experience for fans visiting Café Lilo during the tour period. In particular, Lilo Coffe will host a private brunch for the ‘Swifties’ at the concerts on May 29th and 30th in Madrid, which you need to buy the ticket in advance. 

Pop Music and gastronomy

In today’s world, music and food are coming together in new and exciting ways. Pop culture is influencing different areas creatively, exemplified by Café Lilo’s Swiftie initiative, highlights the ability of diverse sectors, such as gastronomy, to innovate and adapt to contemporary trends. Experiences like this not only promote culture and strengthen the connection between artists and their fans but also demonstrate how creativity can transform simple moments into something truly special and memorable.



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