Eating and walking: a ‘croquetas’ route in Barcelona

The best seven tapas bar to eat croquettes while discover some of the touristic points of Barcelona.

Tapas in Barcelona
The best croquettes in Barcelona. Source: Time Out Market
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Embark on Barcelona’s ‘croquetas’ Route, brought to you by a Portuguese student studying abroad. This adventure introduces the popular “Rali croquetes” portuguese trend to Barcelona’s city center. You’ll eat tasty croquettes like ‘pollo’, ‘champignon’, and ‘jámon’ as you explore famous streets and landmarks. Furthermore, you can order other delicious tapas to eat with the croquettes. And remember, don’t miss out on ordering a cold “birra” at each stop!

1)Croq & Roll

Croquettes in Croq & Roll
‘Pollo à Parmesan Croqueta’ (chicken croquette). Source: Constança Veloso

In the vibrant Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona, there’s a spot on Travessera de Gràcia serving up delicious croquettes for just 1.40€ each. You’ve got to try the “Pollo à Parmesan croquetas”—it’s filled with tasty chicken and cheese croquette. And for something sweet, they’ve got chocolate-filled croquettes for dessert. Plus, Gràcia is a great place to walk around and live the city vibes.

2) Vinitus

“Croquetas de jámon” (croquettes of ham) at Vinitus. Source: Constança Veloso

Just a 15-minute stroll from there, you’ll find Vinitus on Passeig de Gràcia, one of Barcelona’s iconic streets. While this restaurant chain is scattered all over the city, here you can choose to grab your food to go and enjoy it while admiring Casa Milà and Batlló. Be sure to try their famous croquetas de jamón (ham croquettes) for only 1.60€.

3) Tracatá 

Mushroom Croquettes
Mushroom Croquette in Tracatá. Source: Constança Veloso

This is a mandatory stop. The best croquettes are the mushroom ones, and here don’t forget to order a ‘patatas bravas’ – spice and delicious – to fully immerse oneself in the Spanish experience. You can buy 2 croquettes for 5€ and after eating, you can walk around Plaza de Catalunya and shop in the many stores there.

4) Cala del Vermut

Showcase of croquettes and some other tapas at Cala del Vermut. Source: Constança Veloso

Just a few minutes away from Palacio de la Música Catalana, a beautiful music auditorium and a nice spot to know and take pictures, you’ll find the tapas bar Cala del Vermut. A super cozy atmosphere in an excellent location in Barcelona. Great service, good music, drinks, tapas and obviously vermouth with the croquettes of chicken can’t be missed. You can share with your friends or family because you get 4 croquettes for €6

5) Bilbao Berria 

Different 'pinchos' croquettes
Showcase of different ‘pinchos’ croquettes in Bilbao Berria. Source: Constança Veloso

At your fifth stop, you are near some tourist attractions: Mural del Beso, Barcelona Cathedral, Gothic Quarter, and more. So, I recommend ordering takeout and walk around to discover these nice spots while enjoying delicious croquettes. The best ones are the ham ones and they came with bread – ‘pinchos’.

6) La boqueria

Ham croquettes and empanadas
Croquettes and empanadas at La Boqueria. Source: Constança Veloso

La Boqueria is one of the most famous markets in Barcelona, located on Las Ramblas, a popular and charming street to explore. In this market, you’ll find a wide variety of food options, especially croquettes. You can walk around and see what else appeals to you, but trust me, everything is incredible.

7) Perikete 

‘Pimentos pádron’, croquettes, ‘pan con tomate’ and ‘patatas bravas’ at Perikete. Source: Constança Veloso

Now, as you finish your journey, you find yourself at Barceloneta Beach. If everything went well, you can enjoy your final ham croquette of the day, or if you want to risk and try something new, you can ask for the ‘croqueta de bacalao’ (codfish croquette). At Perikete, don’t forget to order the ‘pan con tomate’ or ‘pimentos padrón’ as well. And, of course, ‘patatas bravas’.

Digital ‘croquetas’ route map

To enhance your croquette route, use this digital map infographic as a guide to improve your experience:

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