Internacional vaccination

Almost 35% of USA citizens have been fully vaccinated

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At least 152 million people received the first dose in the north american country

Outer Space

SpaceX Crew-2 Plans Science Experiments in Space

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International Crew Launches Journey for Science Experiments

Spring in Spain

10 Day Trips to Take from Barcelona

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Single day excursions from Barcelona

International politics

Greenland vote for environment in his late election

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Many big countries were interested in the results of the election to know if Greenland would exploit their continental resources.


Las 8 cifras que recordar del Godó

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En el mundo del tenis, los años pasan y se parecen al momento de empezar la temporada de tierra batida. Se jugaba la semana pasada el torneo de Barcelona “el Godo” que Rafael Nadal ha ganado este domingo.

Easter in Barcelona

5 activities you can do while staying within the Barcelona region

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How to have a local, covid-friendly “Staycation” in Barcelona city

Seven useful apps

Apps for exchange students in Barcelona

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Louise Koninckx Louise Koninckx

All of them free for downloading, and easy to use.

Exchange Students

Erasmus Students: «There are no boring days in Barcelona!»

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Erasmus students explain what their experience in Barcelona has been like, mid-pandemic

Pablo Hasél

Protesters in Barcelona riot after rapper’s arrest

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Protestors in Barcelona have gathered in revolt of Hasél's arrest