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Almost 35% of USA citizens have been fully vaccinated

At least 152 million people received the first dose in the north american country

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The coronavirus has plagued America since March 2020, but the nation has administered the world’s current strongest and most efficient vaccination rollout plan. Since December 2020, nearly 120 million Americans have been fully vaccinated- nearly 34.8% of the population. 152 million Americans, or 46.3% of the population, have also received the first dose. 

The percent of people vaccinated varies vastly by state; the current leading states in vaccine administration are Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Rhode Island. They lead with 44.4%, 44.4%, 42.8%, 42.4%, and 41.6% of the population fully vaccinated, respectively. Struggling at the bottom of the vaccinated list are Mississippi, Alabama, Utah, Georgia, and Tennessee, with 25.1%, 25.9%, 26.3%, 27.6%, and 27.6% of the population having received the full vaccine doses, respectively. 


The vaccine was made available to the elderly and people with underlying health conditions in mid December, and was released to the general population aged 16 or older on April 19th. The vaccine is completely free to all residents of America, in spite of status of immigration or health insurance coverage. In addition to this, in an uncharacteristic move for the capitalism-centered nation, any patents regarding vaccination have been lifted by the government-  an action that makes vaccine production more widespread and internationally available.


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