Our perspectives are changing because of COVID-19. Can we use this time as detox period?

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The beginning of the year started and what a marvelous thought it was to do a study abroad programme. Travelling to Barcelona and to study there was a dream which could truly come true. For 8 weeks, it was too good to be true. As we were hearing on going stories about China slowly shutting down, it then became a little more real once Italy was struck. For us internationals living in Spain, most of us were in denial to such thing, but it continued to become more apparent as days went on as to how it would soon affect our circumstances.

Making a decision to come home was not done lightly, many elements had to be considered and mostly for of course, financial reasons. As of many of us, we were trapped in a contract until early June, unable to leave early without being in some form of difficulty. So, as the last day came to leave, 2 days after Spain had been declared state of emergency, I decided to come home.

Since coming home I have practised some methods in order to be optimistic through these unbelievable times, I wanted to share what has been helpful.

Gratitude is the only way to get through this

Many isolation tips have been circulating through the internet and predominantly social media itself. These tips are encouraging people to keep themselves occupied but in a productive way throughout this period of time. The best way to keep a positive mental attitude is to keep reminding ourselves of the lucky positions we are in to be in doors and be have a sustainable roof over our heads.

Many are facing a really traumatic time-  if you are a single mum with 3-4 children, a vulnerable person who isn’t able to go to the shops and get some help.

Writing a gratitude diary will maintain a positive attitude because it may seem that things can’t get any worse right now, but reality will soon come back and we will appreciate it more than ever.

Take a deep breath..

  • although I am not with my family right now, I am glad to have a roof over my head
  • even though I am paying rent to be in Barcelona, I am glad to have met some friends forever
  • although I have no self-discipline right now, I am learning how to be more productive
  • regardless of the  things were not meant to be like this, it is giving me an opportunity to do things I wouldn’t usually do

What’s your gratitude list?

Try not to be so hard on yourself for not living up to the standards you set. It is a journey we are all unusually encountering!

Make yourself a happy folder, of all your favourite memories, and think of the great times to come.

Try to focus on the things that you can control, not those that you can’t.

Health is wealth

Although it is hard to be optimistic, remember you are not stuck in doors, you are safe indoors!