Which Breakfast-Person are you?

Every person eats breakfast differently. We have the ten perfect places in Barcelona for each breakfast-person to have the best start into the day.

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person
How do you like your breakfast? 10 places for every breakfast type in Barcelona.
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it is after all the start of the day. This is why it should be as good as possible. But everyone has a different breakfast. There are those who start the day with just a coffee and others who need a hearty breakfast. Still others love anything sweet to start the day and many love a brunch to start the day late. However you like your breakfast, we have ten perfect places to eat breakfast in Barcelona for each type. So which kind of breakfast person are you?

The Sweetheart

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person

If you love sweet, sweet and more sweet … Eat my Trip is the place to go. Here you can expect dreamy homemade sweet cakes and exceptional pancakes that are definitely worth a photo. It’s not uncommon to find an ice cream surrounded by fresh fruit in the middle of the pancakes. Located in the Example Dreta neighbourhood near the Girona metro, this brunch restaurant has a beautiful indoor area and a terrace where you can enjoy the sun. There are several vegan and gluten-free options on the menu. You can take a look at the menu here. No reservations are taken.

The Heavy-Sunshine

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person

If you like a hearty start to your day and have a weakness for lamas, you should have breakfast at Lato Café in the Example Dreta neighbourhood. There is a huge selection of egg dishes, sandwiches and a lunch menu that can be enjoyed for a late breakfast. For those planning a longer stay there, there is a Mimosa flat rate for drinking. The staff are happy to recommend dishes and are open to special requests – for example, pulled pork as a side. You can find the menu here. Reservations can be made by phone during the opening hours calling +34930046501.

The Healthy Type aka The Early Riser

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person

Those who start the day early often want to have a light and healthy breakfast that is not heavy on the stomach. The food at Honest Greens is freshly made by them every day and is unprocessed, without additives, preservatives or refined sugar, and organic whenever possible. More than 90% of the products there are plant-based. Animal proteins are only offered from ethical sources, served in appropriate portions and always accompanied by plenty of fresh vegetables. A healthy and low-calorie start to the day. See their offer here.

The Sleepyhead

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person

Some people don’t need anything in their stomach in the morning, but place an extremely high value on a good coffee. So coffee only it is? Fair enough. For all those, Cafès El Magnifico is the right choice, as great coffee is truly their passion. You can find them in El Born and in El Raval. The brand was builded in 1962 and offers a different taste profile. And of course they roast their coffee practically every day. Just step by and enjoy how each sip wakes you up.

The Acai-Addict

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person

If you’re looking for a refreshing start to the day, especially with the warmer temperatures in Barcelona, enjoy an acai bowl by the sea. Brunch & Cake is perfect for this, as it’s a small family business with a great tradition: food made with the best ingredients and much of  love. Their gastronomic motto has always been: “Don’t trust a place that treats coffee or bread badly”. This is also evident in their Acai Bowl: they write on their website that up to ninety percent of the Acai sold contains sugar or glucose … Their Acai Bowl is a hundred percent pure and organic and you can really taste the difference. They offer other dishes based on recipes they have collected from around the world, with a special twist.

The Egg-Lover

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person

You can’t have a full breakfast without an egg? If you can answer yes to this question, you should go to Enigma 23 in Vila de Gràcia. Different variations of the classic eggs Benedict, typical hearty American breakfast, scrambled and fried eggs with numerous toppings – every egg lover gets his money’s worth here. If you want to see for yourself, the menu can be found here.

The Brunch-Buff

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person

Doing brunch is your middle name? Then check out Lilo Coffee Brunch. They offer an extra Bali-brunch menu consisting of three courses – a delicious avocado toast topped with fresh tomatoes, a tasty muesli with coconut yoghurt and delicious fresh waffles with chocolate and strawberries on top. A coffee comes in a cute bear mug and there are plenty of other “instagramable” breakfast options, which you can find in the menu. You can make a reservation here, but you can also just drop in.

The Fair-Breakfast-Admirer

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person

If you want to enjoy a delicious but fair breakfast and care about the well-being of the planet, Faire Brunch in the Example Dreta neighbourhood is the place to go. They serve vegetarian brunch with local specialty coffees and selected local and organic products wherever possible. You can take a look at the menu here. On top of that, their promise is that they plant one tree per receipt.  If that doesn’t make breakfast taste better.

The Bagel-Fancier

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person

“Life is better with a bagel” is the motto of Tropical Life Brunch and Coffee near Placa Catalunya. You can identify with that? Then you should stop by for breakfast. They have extraordinary bagel creations with fresh sweet potato fries on the side and many other extras you can add. They also have freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and lemonades, as well as other goodies. Above all, it’s not only delicious there, but also particularly good value for money.

The Smoothie-Lover

Best breakfast places in Barcelona for every person

Who doesn’t love a delicious smoothie or juice for breakfast? The Juice Dudes Barcelona are waiting for you with a huge range of fresh drinks. Just choose from around thirty different combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of the combinations on the menu you probably wouldn’t have put together in a blender at home, but you can rely on the Juice Dudes for taste. In addition to the delicious juices, there is also a breakfast menu with croissants, bowls and sandwiches.

Where to go first?

That’s up to you and your taste. Here you can see where the cafés are located in the city. Some are close together, so if you can’t get a seat somewhere, you can try something new. So who knows, you might be a different breakfast-person than you thought.

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