Lakhocina ’s culinary journey through life and gastronomy

Fran Galella Toledo Fran Galella Toledo

A young gastronomic influencer's tale in the digital realm

Taste the World

Travel the World through 8 Restaurants in Barcelona

Magdalena Szymanska Magdalena Szymanska
Rose De Geeter Rose De Geeter

The Foodie Guide to Travelling the World in Barcelona


Si no te comes a tu mascota, ¿por qué a un pollo sí?

Anna Carricas Anna Carricas

El veganismo es un estilo de vida que trasciende la alimentación y lucha por acabar con el sufrimiento de los animales

New Paradigma

The Burguer Revolution

Joan García Almeda Joan García Almeda

Smashburgers are back in fashion after a decade where gourmet burgers have dominated

Vegetarian Diet

Go green, go vegetarian!

Julie Haugen Julie Haugen
Avatar pmacevilly1

"I don't eat meat, I'm vegetarian" is no longer an uncommon thing to hear. Vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, vegan are som of the many diets that are completely normal in todays society. But why are people choosing to exclude certain types of food from their daily intake of food?

Gastronomia a Manresa

Una escola amb estrella

Anna Carricas Anna Carricas

Joviat Hoteleria ofereix diferents plats degustació elaborats pels estudiants del centre


Which Breakfast-Person are you?

Annafried Schmidt Annafried Schmidt
Christian Pötzsch Christian Pötzsch

Every person eats breakfast differently. We have the ten perfect places in Barcelona for each breakfast-person to have the best start into the day.

Going out

The best 10 skybars in Barcelona

Annafried Schmidt Annafried Schmidt
Christian Pötzsch Christian Pötzsch

This are the best ten skybars above the roofs of Barcelona for the summer season of 2022.


Revealing Barcelona’s food waste behaviour

Luca De Herdt Luca De Herdt
Britt Verwerft Britt Verwerft

Survey conducted among students

Gastronomía con Thermomix

5 recetas salvavidas para cualquier menú de restaurante

Marta Jorge Marta Jorge

Sacar partido a los robots de cocina más famosos también es posible en fogones profesionales