The pet-friendly hotel revolution

How the hotel industry has adapted to pets

A pet that stayed at a hotel
A pet enjoying its stay at a dog hotel / Victoria Población
Victoria Población Victoria Población

A few years ago, summers were a problem for those who had a pet and wanted to go away for a few days to rest. Dogs and cats were not allowed in most Spanish hotels and during the days off they had to be taken to a special accommodation. But things are changing and hotel establishments in Spain are beginning to incorporate the term ‘pet friendly’ into their offer. What began as a minority option is gaining more and more space and is already presented as a demanded service in many places.

Almost half of all families, a 40% of them, have at least one pet, according to the Asociación Madrileña de Veterinarios de Animales de Compañía (AMVAC). This means that there are already 20 million registered pets in Spain. Faced with all this data and social evidence, the Spanish tourism sector has reacted. Although there are no official records of the total number of hotels in Spain that accept pets, there are data that corroborate the trend. An approach can be found in the accommodation ‘’ website.

The following is a compilation of three hotels in Spain, in San Sebastián (País Vasco), Suances (Cantabria) and Soria. First, there is information about each place and below there is a map where you can see the three locations.

Albergue Ulia information / Victoria PoblaciónAlbergue Ulia information / Victoria Población

Posada Santa Ana information / Victoria PoblaciónPosada Santa Ana information / Victoria Población

Hotel Restaurante Cadosa information / Victoria PoblaciónHotel Cadosa information / Victoria Población

hotel mapMap of Spain with the three hotels

Victoria Población

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