Seven useful apps

Apps for exchange students in Barcelona

All of them free for downloading, and easy to use.

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We’re going to show you useful apps for exchange students in Barcelona. With them, you’ll be able to find discounts, and make some tasks easier such as going to the supermarket or even sharing money with your friends.

We know that can be challenging to be in a new city, and you might want to take references to know better the city, and enjoy the experience without too much money. For that, we’ve created three main categories that can be useful for you, as an exchange student: Transport, Food and Money.

Apps for exchange students in Barcelona

Moving inside of Barcelona is easier when you have apps with roadmaps and metro stations.

Public transport inside the city is very important, due to the fact that we have lots of Metro and Bus lines. If you want to go further than Google Maps, these apps will offer you improved roadmaps, detailed time schedules in public transport, and different ways to move abroad Barcelona. 

Public transport apps in Barcelona

tmb app exchange students

The first app that you must have is the “TMB APP”. Managed by the local administration, the TMB APP allows you to look for the best Metro or Bus line to take, depending on the direction you want to go.

It is free for download on Android and iOS.


cooltra app exchange students


The second app you must have in Barcelona is “Cooltra”. Motosharing in Barcelona allows you to rent a scooter by the minute in determined situations. That allows you to both go faster and save money due to the fact that you can share the trip.

Pay attention to if your driving license allows you to drive the scooters. All vehicles here are 50cc, so in Europe you can drive them with a car driving license.

Also, make sure to study the borders that you cannot pass with the scooters. The app has a roadmap that limits the area in which you can go through.

The app is free for download on Android and iOS.


omio app exchange students


The third app you must have in Barcelona is called “Omio”. It allows you to buy cheaper flight, train and Flixbus tickets.

It shows you the best way of moving, depending on the destination you want to go- and you are able to buy in two simple clicks.

The app is free to download on Android and iOS.


moovit app exchange students


The last app in the “Moving” category is called “Moovit”. This app will show you the best ways to go to your destination. It is similar to Google Maps, but with extra options focused on public transport.

The app is free for download on Android and iOS.

Supermarket apps in Barcelona

We’re going to show you two different apps to deliver food in Barcelona- but with a different approach. More so than the classic ones, these two applications will allow you to save more money (and also to save food).

prime now app exchange students

The first one is called “Amazon Prime Now”. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, it allows you to bring the supermarket to your home.

With a minimum order of 50 euros, they will bring your products for free at home, and you can choose when. You will be able to make weekly supermarket orders, with cheaper prices that other supermarkets in Barcelona offer.

But first, if you are from another country, make sure that your Prime subscription allows you to use Prime Now.

If your subscription doesn’t allow you, you can purchase Amazon Prime Student in Spain for just 18 euros per year.

The app is free for download in Android and iOS.


to good to go app exchange students

Second app is called “Too Good To Go”. Many different local stores have to throw away extra food that is good to consume- food that is in perfect condition.

This app allows you to buy these surpluses with huge discounts. You just have to choose the market and the pack of food that they offer, and pick it up there.

The app is free for download in Android and iOS.

Easy money transfer apps

If you want to send money to your friends, or you have to split payments, but you want to make it easy, “Verse” is your app.

verse app exchange students

Free for download in Android and iOS, you just have to link your credit card (make sure if it’s compatible with the service), and you’ll be able to send money to your friends that have “Verse” app, in an immediate way.

This transaction is free, with no extra costs.

Written by Louise Koninckx and Ameerah Akhtar and Toni Arrom.

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