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Top 5 streaming movies on March

The five most favorite movies of the public this month in Amazon and Netlfix

Netlfix and Amazon continue to be on the top on streaming platfform. Photo/ Twitter
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Netflix and Amazon continue to be the kings of streaming movies with the inclusion of blockbuster movies of yesteryear or productions made by their own studios. On Netflix, we find among the most watched movies this month ‘Limitless’, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. In addition, we have as another of the favorites of the streaming king’s subscribers the new film ‘Project Adam’, with the participation of Ryan Renolds, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Zaldaña and Mark Ruffallo forming a luxury cast.

Amazon, the main competitor of Netflix tries not to be left behind. Week ago premiered the feature film ‘Spencer’ where the story of the separation of the royal marriage of Diana and Carlos will be the main argument. Kristen Stewart will play the role of the princess. Windfall, it has been another of the films with the most acceptance by the public due to the suspense that it transmits in the development of the feature film where Lily Collins returns to stardom with this film.

Superhero movies continue to be another of the favorites for movie lovers and are highly requested on either of the two streaming platforms. Spiderman: Homecoming has positioned itself as the most watched film on both Netflix and Amazon, making it clear that comic book producers will continue to lead the market for a long time.


Edward Morra (Bradley Cooper) is an aspiring writer who suffers from a chronic block when writing his books and, in addition, has recently ended a romantic relationship with his girlfriend. His life takes an unexpected turn when he takes the NZT drug.

The movie is very interesting, indeed. It makes you wonder, what if I could use my full cognitive potential? What could I do with that? Where would I be in my life if I could use 100% of my brain? Although, once the film continues, the spectator can observe advantages and disadvantages of using one’s full cognitive potential.

What is more, fast and changeable action keeps the viewers in constant suspense. However, since it’s not the newest movie, the photography is not in the best quality, as well as the music, yet the movie itself is still worth watching, because the story, as well as the acting is the most crucial part of this piece.


During her Christmas vacation with the royal family at the Sandringham estate, Diana (Kristen Stewart) decides her marriage to Prince Charles isn’t working out and she needs to get off the beaten path.

Movie is interesting due to the fact that it shows Princess Diana and the whole Royal Family from different perspectives than ones used to know. Diana is shown more as a “human being”, struggling with her life under Royal’s rules. “We have two faces, the one we’re right now and the one for them [people]” as the actor playing Prince of Wales said.

The movie is shocking at some parts, but also engaging and at the same time very moving, arousing sympathy towards Diana. Spectators can observe how she is struggling and how hard it is for her to adjust to the rules that obligate the Royal Family. It reveals how lonely she might have felt.

The movie is very well made. Music is dramatic, which only makes one’s emotions grow and the photography is stunning, showing every little detail of the surroundings as well as an amazing acting of Kristen Stewrad (cast for Princess Diana). Would definitely recommend it.

Spiderman – Homecoming

Peter Parker decides to spend a well-deserved vacation in Europe with MJ, Ned and the rest of his friends. However, Peter must put on the Spider-Man suit again when Nick Fury gives him a new mission: to stop the attack of some creatures that are causing chaos on the continent.

In first spider-man movie’s the main character was played by Tobey Maguire, however in “Spider-man homecoming” Peter Parker is being played by Tom Holland.

Changing the actor to play the main character is a bold move, but also quite often, especially in longer series. Bold, due to the reason that, for many fans of Spider-man, Maguire is the only one. However putting a new actor to this role may attract more people, because everyone would be interested in how he manages the role.

In this case, changing the main actor does not influence the quality of the series. It is seen just as another movie with Spiderman character, however as a different one than Maguire created.

The movie is adventurous, funny, absorbing, but at the same time light. It’s like the movie you can watch after a hard day at school or work to relax. It can also be recommended for a movie night with children or younger siblings, because this one is made more acceptable for children compared to the old ones.

The Adam Project:

The movie tells the story of a pilot Adam Reed (played by Ryan Reylonds), who after an accidental emergency landing in 2022 joins forces with his 12-year-old self to save the future of the world.

This film  may be appealing to science fiction fans, but not only. It’s really well made with all the special effects, music and photography. What is more, the story of the movie is absorbing as it concerns a subject of time traveling. The whole movie is made in a funny way, which makes it lighter on the eye, but at the same time keeps the viewer in suspense.



Windfall tells the story about a thief who is breaking into biliarder’s summer residence with the intention of stealing the most valuable stuff. However things are taking an unexpected turn, when the biliarder itself with his wife are arriving into the house.

The whole movie is made with Tarantino’s vibe, where the music is one of the most crucial parts of keeping the spectators in tension. However the whole film is rather boring. There is not much going on and even when something is happening the viewer can not really see the reason why. However, the ending of “Windfall” is quite unexpected, so if you have already started watching it, it is recommended to see it till the end.

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