PRINT3D exposition: the future is already here


Exposition 3D print
The entrance of the exposition is 6 euros
Avatar Jules Lievin

Until the 19th of September, it will be possible to see the exposition “PRINT3D” in the CosmoCaixa. The visit is a real discovery of the possibilities brought by this technology which is still developing.

Whatever if you are into fashion, music, cars, space or health, 3D print should interest you. This is the point of the new CosmoCaixa exposition which is called “PRINT3D”. Even if the technology is not well known now, it impacts our lives daily and this impact is only growing.

The first part of the exposition explains the technique of the 3D print. Some machines are exposed and working with an incredible precision. Different schemes and videos permit to understand how it is operating.

The technical aspect quickly gives place to concrete examples. One of them is very meaningful: health. During the Covid-19 pandemic, 3D print permitted to build masks, visors, and other medical devices. Still connected to medicine, it is also possible to build human models from scans or radiographies to prepare surgical procedures.

3D printed mask

Not only a production tool

The main achievement of 3D print is obviously to produce. All along the visit, we discover how it could be used at home. Building instruments, furniture, car pieces and clothes with a lot of precision and creativity is possible with this technology.

Robots operating independently on structures, biometric identification, medications, or construction of moon bases are examples of what 3D print will permit to achieve in the future. But make no mistake: the future is here.

The exposition ends with many questions. But the purpose is not only to show a new way to produce, but also to discuss about waste and recycling, and other current challenges. The 3D print technique is obviously improving our lives in a way, but is using mainly plastic, which is hard to recycle.

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