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Fastest growing channels on Twitch

The platforms helps channels to grow

Avatar Helena  González Miranda

Twitch is one of the best platforms for the gaming world. The social media knows how to make channel grow via algorithms and recommendations to the viewers. In this infographic we can see the 15 most fastest growing channels who have gain the most followers in this first half of 2021.

Fastest growing Twitch channels / Helena González


There is many things we can highlight from this data. All of the first 15 people are men, the first woman on the list appears in the 20th position, Micaylee, followed by Pokimane in the 23rd position who is the most followed woman in the platform.

Between these 15 people only 4 of them are not English-speaking streamers. All of them are from Spain and make their content in Spanish. Rubius (12th) is one of the most followed people on YouTube and that leads to think, why streaming in another platform?

YouTube trying to fight Twitch growth

Even some of the most followed people on YouTube decide to stream on Twitch. These platforms gives streamers a bigger chance to grow and have a big amount of viewers. Pewdiepie – the second most followed channel on YouTube – does stream for YouTube because of a contract. The platform is trying to change and adapt to make it easier for streamers to grow so they have handed contracts to a few people to stream on it and make the community of streamers grow on YouTube. Some examples are Valkyrae and CourageJD.

Minecraft is the most streamed game of Twitch and its current fame has a lot to do with the Dream SMP, a server of streamers. 8 out of the 15 people are participants of this server and their fame was gained after entering it, all product of Dreamwastaken (8th).

A lot of the people at top are streamers who have been streaming for not that long and that shows how new channels can grow really fast. The content of each creator is the key to their growth but sometimes factors due to algorithms or games can help out the channel.

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