En positivo

Anna Bilych

Yhaicha Stibich Yhaicha Stibich

Esta emprendedora estonia se convirtió en protagonista al crear un club de amistades para mujeres en Barcelona

Interview with Eurovision super fan

Why has Eurovision become popular again?

Connor Bland Connor Bland

A young persons perspective on Europe's biggest song contest


The Body Positivity and its contradictions

Yhaicha Stibich Yhaicha Stibich

This body acceptance movement is changing the ideas of this generation about being overweight and on what is healthy


Becoming Your Highest Self – 20 Lessons at 20

Nina Gitchibayeva Nina Gitchibayeva

20 lessons I have learned at 20


From the symbol of memory to a banned sign of aggression

Iliana Ezhova Iliana Ezhova

Why people are fined for commemorating the heroes of the WW2 or the history of St. George's ribbon.

An Insight to the American Education from a Scottish Student

Living The American Dream

Avatar Taylor Hastings

An Insight to the American Education from a Scottish Student

Becoming Your Highest Self – 20 Things I’ve Learned At 20

Nina Gitchibayeva Nina Gitchibayeva

They say “with age comes wisdom”, but I beg to differ. There have been plenty revolutionary moments invoked by young people that have changed the […]

Stake hockey

Aitor Egurrola is honorated at the Palau Blaugrana

Álvaro Domínguez Álvaro Domínguez

The Catalan goalkeeper saw his shirt stay hanged in the Palau Blaugrana after 25 years playing in the first team


Los okupas y su imperio en Barcelona

Cielo Verástegui Cielo Verástegui

Ministerio del Interior ha registrado 17 mil denuncias de allanamiento de viviendas y ciudadanos no escatiman resolverlo por sus propias manos.


Dennis Karpes, director de Justdiggit

Javier Planas Javier Planas

Esta ONG holandesa lleva 10 años reforestando África